The late Don Hewitt – creator and executive producer of 60 Minutes – described the show’s formula with four, simple words: “Tell Me A Story.”

I worked at CBS (in both the television news and Web divisions), on and off, for nearly five years. While I never had the privilege of working for Mr. Hewitt, I wholeheartedly subscribe to his “tell me a story” approach.

Joshua PlattMy name is Joshua Platt, and I have spent my entire professional life as a storyteller. I am a communications professional with nearly 20 years experience in corporate marketing, employee communications, public and media relations, sales promotions, business development and account management, non-profit and donor communications, and print, radio, TV and Web journalism.

This web site tells my story. The story of my career.

I started my career as a photojournalist and reporter, then became a radio, TV and Web journalist, telling stories to readers, listeners, viewers and users.

I then transitioned into corporate communications, telling business stories for several small businesses and two broadcast television networks (CBS New Media and NBC Internet). Later in non-profit communications, I told the organization’s stories to donors and the public and the media.

Most recently, I’ve worked in corporate marketing and sales for an online marketing agency, a pair of media production companies (MediaSource and Mills James), telling stories to prospective clients, and helping my clients communicate stories to their audiences using video, live events and Web and interactive media.

I also maintain a freelance writing and public relations consulting business.

From this page, you can gain a better understanding of my employment history and see samples of my work.

You can also follow my Twitter feed and read my occasional, lengthier (by comparison to 140-character tweets) musings on marketing-related topics.

If you have questions about anything you see here, please call me at 614.404.3767 or email joshua.platt@yahoo.com.