I was fortunate to know Joyce Furhman toward the end of her life.

Joyce was a self-styled art collector and promoter and the primary representative for “outsider artist” Reg. K. Gee.

In 1999, I designed, developed and launched Joyce’s Web site, The site was, by today’s standards, very primitive. Considering its place in Web publishing history, however, it was respectable and served its purpose well.

I developed all of the site’s content, writing copy and photographing dozens of Gee’s paintings for online display . I also managed Joyce’s e-commerce efforts, working with Joyce to establish a PayPal account and to sell paintings on eBay and the now-defunct Auctions service.

During nearly three years of work as Joyce’s Webmaster and public relations consultant, I wrote press releases for several of Gee’s private gallery and public New York showings, including the 8th Annual Outsider Art Fair (January 25-28, 2001) and the 5th Annual National Black Fine Art Show (February 1-4, 2001). I also promoted the selection of two of Gee’s works in the 2002 In the Spirit of Martin:  The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.

Joyce died in 2003. Her collection of Gee paintings, and her domain, was sold to another looks nothing like the site I designed more than a decade ago. It does, however, include the biography and excerpts of several press releases I wrote, and some of the photographs I took of Gee’s artwork.