Autograph Magazine Feature Stories

Since 2000, when I began writing for Autograph Magazine (then known as Autograph Collector Magazine), I have pitched, researched and authored hundreds of articles.

Autograph Magazine logoIn addition to my In The News and Auction Action bylines, I’ve written nearly a dozen features articles. A list of these articles follows below. It includes both links to the articles themselves, and, in some cases, links to separate pages, which offer additional details about the pieces.

  • Collector’s Corner: Fascination With Funnies Fuels New Quest For Autographs, June 2001.
  • ‘Playing Baseball Was The Greatest Thing I Ever Did’: Collecting All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Autographs, September 2003.
  • One Brief Signing Moment: Platt’s Plea to The Peddler (by David Laurell), October 2003. This article was originally published on
  • 10 Questions with Clive Cussler, January 2005.
  • One Brief Signing Moment: The Stars Come Out To Sign At NBC’s Upfront, September 2005 . This article was originally published on
  • Collecting The Grand Old Game (a review of Stephen Wong’s book, Smithsonian Baseball: Inside The World’s Finest Private Collections), May 2006.
  • Autographs On The Brain: The Psychology Behind The Compulsion To Collect, October/November 2007.
  • Paul Tibbets Autographs: Still Affordable And Plentiful, January 2008.
  • On The Block: Mary Pickford’s Guest Books, Two Stars Of The Upcoming Pickfair Estate Auction, November 2008.
  • Gifts For Graphers: 30 Autograph Gifts Under $30, December 2008.