logoIn 2006, two of my In The News articles for Autograph Magazine attracted interest from Ina Steiner, editor of (now

Founded in 1999 and published by Steiner Associates LLC., the site bills itself as “the independent trade publication for online merchants.”

The results of my discussions with Ina were two bylines.

The first article – Theft Victim Seeks Help from eBay Movie Memorabilia Collectors– was an 800+ word story about the burglary of Iconographs, a Las Vegas autograph dealer, and the company’s efforts to enlist eBay buyers to help recover the stolen merchandise.

The second article – ‘eBay’ for the Macabre?– was a 1,000+ word feature on the sale of “murderbillia,” the autographs, letters, photos and artwork of serial killers and other notorious criminals.