Freelance Writing

Since 1992, while still a college student, I have supplemented my income with freelance writing.

I have been an editor, contributing editor and writer for numerous local and national publications and Web sites.

These include:

  • Greater Columbus New Home Guide, Contributing Writer, May 2006.
  •, founder/publisher/blogger, 2009-Present. A blog devoted to collectibles, memorabilia and autographs associated with Jewish athletes, from a variety of sports.
  • Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger, Contributing Writer, April 23, 2000.
  •, Contributing Reviewer, 1998.
  • San Francisco Chronicle, Contributing Writer, October 25, 1993 (Download SF Chronicle).
  • Sports Collectors Digest, Contributing Writer, 2007 – Present.
  • St. Louis Business Journal “Word on Business,” Contributing Writer, September 1994 – November 1995.
  • ThisWeek in Bexley, Contributing Writer, January 16, 2002 (Download Herb Weyl – ThisWeek Bexley).
  • USA Today Sports Weekly, Contributing Writer, July 2003.
  • Washington University Student Life, Staff Reporter, Assistant News Editor, Opinion Editor, Circulation Manager and Photography Director, 1992-1996, and Contributing Writer, October 2000, History Book.